Apples To Apples - Cool Shots Photo Booth - Central Alabama

Comparing Apples to Apples.....

Since 2009, The Cool Shots Photo Booth has been the leader in providing photo booths for events of all kinds.  Since we first brought the photo booth here, we've see a lot of other "booths" come and go.  We've gotten the "I can't get in touch with the Photo Booth people we rented from -  phone call" to the "Can you bring us a booth to our event now....The guy we got ours from didn't show up! - phone calls".

One of the largest issues with photo booths is quality!  That's right, there are some photo booths in the area who use cheap inkjet printers and some who use low quality webcam cameras (Stuff that is bought at Best Buy and similar stores).

At Cool Shots, We use a REAL Dye Sub Printer and a REAL DSLR camera.  This gives you great images that can be blown up to poster size if you feel the need.  And the prints from the printer are clear and detailed.

Now, we are not saying that all Photo Booths are using poor equipment, but we can say, be wary of the low priced booth's - you WILL get what you pay for.

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